This project was realized during a workshop in collaboration with « la belle déchette ». We carried it out in duo but also in a 10-people group. Its aim was a collection of exhibition furniture, realized with a common charter established thanks to recovered materials. The productions were created for the association’s pop-up shop. Small electrical appliances that the association sells are pending between their former and their next life. Our furniture displays products in an unusual state as if they were just waiting to be adopted. Anaelle SOURICE and myself wanted to trigger the first link between the object and the potential buyer, persuading them to take it in their hands. They can then manipulate and use it as they would at home. All these manipulations are encouraged by the highlighting of the sockets.

Dans la même collection…

Juliette MENARD & Marie-Lorraine CHIRIACOPOL

Maelane TOULEMONT & Clémence LAMBARE

Clara MARTIN & Guillaume BUZIN

Clémentine LONG & Timour AY